Thursday Practice 12/12

Thursday’s practice will begin with team announcements in Room 121 at 4PM and then move to the Fitness Center from 4:45 until we finish our strength workout — which will take about 45-60 minutes. There will be no issue making the late buses. If necessary you’ll be able to finish by 5:30pm. If you wish to extend longer while awaiting a ride, the FC is ours until 6PM.
Today’s practice in Waltham (hill bounding) and tomorrow’s practice are the two important sessions this week. If you have already or will miss one or both, then you’ve lost valuable practice time and need to make it up. 
Furthermore, unless you stay home or leave school due to illness, you must notify the head coach in advance (day before or sooner) if you need to be excused from practice. And it’s expected that you indicate the reason for your request (doctor appointment, make up an exam, work, etc.). Please abide by this expectation. There were more than several no shows today –which is unacceptable. 
Those in Waltham today did a good job staying on their feet on icy trails, we will hopefully return at some point to Prospect Park for our traditional bounding workout up the main wooded trail, if clear and dry. Though hopefully more snow will keep us on skis.
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